1. FIRST PARTY will not be responsible for anything that will happen to the goods after shipment;

2. With regard to Return and Exchange, FIRST PARTY will NOT accept return of goods neither refund of money, only EXCHANGE of goods will be accommodated/allowed by the FIRST PARTY;

3. If the fault is on the part of the FIRST PARTY like if the item/good shipped is NOT based on the specification stated in the order form, like wrong size or color, then the FIRST PARTY will shoulder the expenses in returning the wrong item to the business office of the FIRST PARTY and she will also be liable/responsible for sending the right/correct product/s ordered;

4. If the fault could be attributed to the SECOND PARTY, like change of mind as to the size, color, style, etc. of the ordered product and there is a need to change the same with the desired item/product, then the expenses in returning back the product and sending the desired one, will be shouldered by the SECOND PARTY;

5. That replacement of products will only be allowed within seven (7) days from receipt of the product/s or item/s by the SECOND PARTY, and

6. Violations of, or neglect or failure by any of the parties to perform any of the above terms and conditions will be sufficient cause for the other to terminate this contract.


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